How many of you have spent 10's of thousands, or 100's of thousands of dollars on personal growth courses or seminars but still feel that something is missing? Or came home from one or a number of courses so full of life and on cloud nine about your breakthroughs and all the new possibilities of what your life can be, only to run into a series of speed bumps and then plunge into a low because of unmet expectations? Or read dozens of books or watched hundreds of videos, and you get the message, but can't seem to apply it to your life as easily as it seems to be laid out in the books or videos? Or just feel that something is missing?

See here's the problem: Most programs spend a lot of the energy on delivering really great content, taking you and everyone else through a standard particular process and then inviting you to continue learning with them to deepen your education and understanding. Or maybe even to repeat the course! However for me personally, I found that:

  1. They don't always have enough time to give us personalized, guided attention to uncover what specifically in our subconscious programming is acting as our blind spot that's keeping us stuck seemingly just 3 feet from gold.  Because if we knew what that blind spots were, it wouldn't be an issue, would it? 
  2. They also may not have enough time needed to help us integrate the finer points into our everyday lives. Or guide us to become aware of the subtle nuances about our own programs or environment that could sabotage us in the future.

It's not a good or bad thing, it just is. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge advocate for ongoing education. Most of these programs are phenomenal! I attend them to keep myself current, and I also encourage anyone to always continue learning!

However, sometimes you may need personalized attention from someone who can unravel an issue, and then construct the quickest and most effective process to get the results and make it stick!

Sometimes even though you have a breakthrough, you may need someone to create new, supporting beliefs and habits around that breakthrough. To help you have a strategy in place when things don't go your way to deviate from the path. To customize a way to integrate it into your life. 

And it's nice to have someone by your side who's intimately and intuitively familiar with this work to guide you along the way.  And that's where I'd like to come in.

I am not a coach. I do a laser-like analysis to uncover and then transcend any of your subconscious, limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past. We'll also create a new, healthier program to replace the outdated one. Then finally we will customize a plan to help your integrate it into your life, and most importantly, give you some no nonsense, tough love to hold you accountable to your plan.  Because getting a six pack is easy, keeping it is the hard work.

My aim is not to have ongoing sessions for the same issue. In fact, I pride myself in you never having to come back to me for the same issue ever again. We solve it, I equip you with what you need to maintain your progress, and we move on to tackle any other issues that may arise. If I can't achieve this with you, I'll let you know so you find someone who can so that neither of us waste our time and because this has to work for both of us.

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Client Feedback

My greatest joy is watching my clients succeed, here’s what they’re saying...

“A creative, transformational powerhouse! Jade Goodhue brings her huge heart, incisive mind, and wealth of spiritual tools to everything she does.

With an ability to communicate with far greater precision than most of the transformational leaders and trainers, Jade finds the inspired way to help you overcome limiting beliefs, transform disempowering emotions, and unleash the energy within yourself. She will instinctually unravel an issue and then construction the quickest possible process to get to the end result and make it stick! I have worked with her personally, and I have felt truly powerful transformations in her presence while leaving plenty of space for both tears and laughter.

If she’s showing up to teach, then make sure you show up full-out ready to transform in every area of your life.” 

Erin Elizabeth Wells, Founder & CEO at Chosen Course

"During a recent event one of the exercises was to identify limiting beliefs. One limiting belief came as a surprise, 'It’s too late for me.' Taken aback and panicked by this revelation, Jade came to my rescue. She helped me to let go of the old limiting and install one that spoke to the world of infinite possibilities. I am walking through my life in a very different way. Jade is an adept and intuitive NLP Master Practitioner. She taught the power our words have over the state of our lives. Awesome."

Catherine Fithian, Sales Professional

"I first met Jade during a Peak Potentials Wealth Building seminar that literally changed my life for the better! As a veteran, I truly appreciated what this former Marine could teach me since we are both veterans who served at a difficult time in our nation's history. Jade has a complete grasp of the psychology of success and wealth building and the experience to assist anyone to become financially free IF YOU ARE COACHABLE! I continued my studies with Jade for several years and appreciate not only her personal and professional values but also her spiritual value upon service. If you want to dramatically transform your level of success, I recommend you subscribe to Jade Goodhue's Jade Enterprises and share the journey of creating the life of your dreams!"

Bonnie Dawn Clark, Leader at Joyous Freedom Team, US Navy Veteran